Developing Applications with OSM

The UNIGIS Module “Developing applications with OSM” corresponds to the recent trend using free geographic information systems (GIS) for imaging, modeling and visualizing purposes. The User- generated knowledge from OpenStreetMap cannot be compared with classic forms of data acquisition and implies an enormous potential for future applications in the field of free geographic information. The module is supposed to provide a recent state of the art overview of the OpenStreetMap project and its technical conception. The module lessons will be divided into three main parts containing a theoretical introduction, a practical handling of OSM data and an application of OSM web-based maps.

Learning Objectives


Dipl.- Geog. Enrico  Steiger
University of Heidelberg
Berlinerstraße 48, Heidelberg
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Enricos research interest is related to Traffic Data (FCD) analysis for intelligent transportation systems (ITS), Spatial Data mining DBMS, Open source GIS & Web Services OpenStreetMap and free geodata (VGI). He is currently working on a project about Spatio-temporal Crowd Analysis and adaptive Routing based on OSM.

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We would like to inform you that this is an exclusively english language module, hence any kind of communication with the module instructor should be in English. A discussion forum is maintained in Blackboard in order to support efficient module instruction. You are requested to submit all your questions related to this module to this forum only. The instructor will check all incoming comments on a regular basis. He will answer your questions or provide you with pointers for solving your problems. The module is delivered in form of an instructed self-study that is based on explorative learning process and process. Theoretical concepts are complemented with practice oriented examples demonstrated with help of multimedia elements. A discussion forum is used for communication among students and the instructor. Upon completion of the module students are requested to evaluate the module, which is a part of our quality assurance policy and practice.

Software und Literature

Linux Ubuntu 10.10 , JOSM 3966, OpenLayers 2.1, Osmosis 0.38, Osmarender
Lit: Bennett, J. (2010): OpenStreetMap. Be your own Cartographer
(optional DE) Ramm, F.; Topf, J. (2010): OpenStreetMap - Die freie Weltkarte nutzen und mitgestalten. Berlin. 3. Aufl.

Assessment and Grading

The assessment is based on your completed assignments. They must be submitted in written format (.PDF/.DOC) to the Dropbox within the required time period. If assignments are submitted late, the instructor is not obligated to grade them. It will be listed as such on your transcript.

Basic Informations

Start: 3 x per year
Duration: 3 months
Language: Englisch
Credits: 6 ECTS
Registration deadline: two weeks before start

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