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Der krönende Abschluss eines UNIGIS MSc Studiums ist sicherlich die Master Thesis. Mit ihr belegen unsere MSc-AbsolventInnen, dass sie den akademischen Grad "Master of Science (Geographical Information Science & Systems)" zu Recht führen.  Im UNIGIS professional Studiengang muss keine Abschlussarbeit verfasst werden. Dennoch nehmen einige Studierende die Möglichkeit war, ein Geoinformatikprojekt durchzuführen und entsprechend zu dokumentieren.

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Gernot Klinger [05-2009]:

Enabling INSPIRE for Aeronautical Information Management

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From the beginning of civil aviation cross-border geospatial information is in common use because geographic realities have a direct impact on air traffic services provided (e.g. airspace structure, air route and waypoint characteristics). So far geospatial aeronautical information is mainly stored, visualised, and published separately by States or air naviga- tion service providers using analogue aeronautical charts of different types and scales. But there is a proliferation of operating requirements to data quality, timeliness, provision, and exchange of digital aeronautical information due to safety reasons. So today’s main goal of aeronautical information management (AIM) is to provide aeronautical data to in- house or international partners or users. The importance of geospatial methods and infrastructure concepts like a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) is growing steadily in AIM because the benefits are realised in the aviation industry. A review of future developments and imperatives concerning SDI and AIM clarifies a connection between these topics in the European initiatives of INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) and SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research Programme). So far the aviation community did not consider the INSPIRE initiative as an adequate platform for data provision and exchange. The scope of this thesis is to evaluate the draft guidelines of the INSPIRE Data Specification on Transport Networks answering the question whether from AIM perspective the INSPIRE data model concept, especially on air transport networks, is suitable as an aeronautical data exchange platform in the sense of a European SDI. The necessary modifications and enhancements concerning overlapping spatial data themes of the INSPIRE initiative as well as the used temporal and topology concepts are elaborated. Finally changes in the data model itself to ensure the usefulness of INSPIRE as an aeronautical SDI are successfully undertaken by using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for specification.

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