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Der krönende Abschluss eines UNIGIS MSc Studiums ist sicherlich die Master Thesis. Mit ihr belegen unsere MSc-AbsolventInnen, dass sie den akademischen Grad "Master of Science (Geographical Information Science & Systems)" zu Recht führen.  Im UNIGIS professional Studiengang muss keine Abschlussarbeit verfasst werden. Dennoch nehmen einige Studierende die Möglichkeit war, ein Geoinformatikprojekt durchzuführen und entsprechend zu dokumentieren.

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Nils Oesterling [11-2009]:

Geological Information System Switzerland - Supplying geoscientific geoinformation to the NSDI

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Geological information is of great importance for many products and activities of our every day life. For instance, the creation of roads, buildings and other constructions or the supply of fossil energy resources like oil and gas is impossible without geological data, information and knowledge. In Switzerland the accessibility of geological and geology related information, referred to as geo-thematic data in this thesis, is limited. This situation is caused amongst others by the heterogeneous structure of the Swiss geo-community. Unlike other countries, Switzerland does not have a corporate geological survey organisation. All geology related tasks are shared by the geo-community which is composed of federal and cantonal offices, universities, private consultants etc. As a consequence, of this non-uniform structure and the related non-coordinated activities of the individual organisations the geo-community has a restricted public awareness. Furthermore, the support by politics and economy is limited. In order to enhance the accessibility of geo-thematic data and to contribute to the solution of the aforementioned problems, the Swiss Geological Survey (SGS) is developing the Geological Information System Switzerland (Geolo-GIS-CH). This internet based information system is intended to be the future gateway to all available geo-thematic data in Switzerland. It constitutes a tool for the Swiss geo-community which facilitates the communication among its particular members and improves their accessibility for external clients. The present master thesis represents a preliminary study for the development of the Geolo-GIS-CH. It analyses the present situation regarding the geo-thematic data and its provision in Switzerland. Especially the existing geological information systems on the international and national level are identified and their components are reviewed. Moreover, the requirements of potential users of the Geolo-GIS-CH are determined by a poll. This poll reveals that the international as well as the national geo-community consider the same components of the system as most important. Comparing these core-components to those supplied by existing geological information systems, it turns out that the major part of the required components are already in use. However, they are independent from each other, thus a central gateway is lacking. Based on the analysis mentioned above a basic concept for the development of the Geolo-GIS-CH is proposed. Apart from the definition of the objectives of the system and its target groups, the general design and the abstract architecture of the Geolo-GIS-CH is discussed. One entry point to the system is the Geology Portal. This web portal contains three thematic sectors which which provides access to geo-thematic data, information on the members of the Swiss geo-community and to easy understandable geological knowledge. The second way to access the geo-thematic data in the core of the Geolo-GIS-CH are web-services. These services can consumed by GIS and other applications. A roadmap illustrates the relative timing of particular tasks and reveals its dependencies. This roadmap shows one possible way for the future realisation of the project. The Swiss geo-community is a community around thematic data in the framework of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). The Geolo-GIS-CH is the gateway to the data, information and knowledge of this community and represents by this one of the different thematic pillars of the Swiss NSDI.

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