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Der krönende Abschluss eines UNIGIS MSc Studiums ist sicherlich die Master Thesis. Mit ihr belegen unsere MSc-AbsolventInnen, dass sie den akademischen Grad "Master of Science (Geographical Information Science & Systems)" zu Recht führen.  Im UNIGIS professional Studiengang muss keine Abschlussarbeit verfasst werden. Dennoch nehmen einige Studierende die Möglichkeit war, ein Geoinformatikprojekt durchzuführen und entsprechend zu dokumentieren.

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Klaus Jüttner [03-2012]:

Online-Planauskunft. Ein wirtschaftliches und effizienzsteigerndes Instrument zur Erteilung rechtssicherer Leitungsauskünfte in der Versorgungswirtschaft?

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The fundamental tasks of network providers are ensuring the security of supply, maintenance and the development of a safe, reliable and highly effective network in a non-discriminatory manner. In order to fulfill this obligation it is in the most fundamen-tal interest of the net provider to avoid damage of the supply installations. In this respect companies in the energy supply industry are obliged to provide information about un-derground location of the supply set-up. Nonetheless is it in the interest of third parties to receive plan disclosure so the damages during construction measure on supply instal-lations are avoided. By application of the most modern information technologies like Geographic Information Systems, internet and communication technologies the process of the planning information can be made more efficient and economical. In this Master Thesis the potential of an online planning information desk is analyzed and evaluated based on a software-prototype of the company Bentley Systems. In order to ensure a real-life situation the view is executed in the context of the operating proce-dures, the documentation as well as the giving of information of Stadtwerke Mainz AG. Furthermore the advantages and/or disadvantages of the conventional granting of in-formation to an online plan disclosure are illustrated. Because of the to be expected pos-itive aspects of the so called online plan disclosure service the process of providing in-formation of supply installations can be relieved by the net provider but it is not likely that it will provide a legally binding plan disclosure. Therefore additional indicators are investigated. This includes the documentation of supply installations according to the guidelines of the „Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V.“ as well as „Ver-band der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V.“. In addition there is an analysis of the long-term archiving of electronic documents developing during the dis-closure of the online service, so that in the event of a claim by a third party revision security of the complete disclosure process can be guaranteed. The last additional indi-cator presenting a decisive role for legally binding disclosure from the supply installa-tions is given by the implementation of corresponding processes. These are not only to be implemented in the company but also in the technical processes of the plan disclo-sure. Thus an organizational fault by the net provider is supposed to be avoided. The total evaluation of these correlating relations from the point of view of the net provider will give information under which conditions the online service contributes to a legal and secure auditing of plan-disclosure.

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