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Der krönende Abschluss eines UNIGIS MSc Studiums ist sicherlich die Master Thesis. Mit ihr belegen unsere MSc-AbsolventInnen, dass sie den akademischen Grad "Master of Science (Geographical Information Science & Systems)" zu Recht führen.  Im UNIGIS professional Studiengang muss keine Abschlussarbeit verfasst werden. Dennoch nehmen einige Studierende die Möglichkeit war, ein Geoinformatikprojekt durchzuführen und entsprechend zu dokumentieren.

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Hier finden sie die mitunter preisgekrönten Abschlussarbeiten unserer AbsolventInnen!

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Marco Saner [01-2013]:

Fuzzy-Map-Matching und Routenprädiktion

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This Thesis deals with the problem statement of object tracking in a virtual street network, as well as the possibilities of predicting the further way of such an object without any knowledge of the destination. This means there are two aims in this work. One is to match object locations (GPS-Track) on a digital map, a process also known as Map-Matching. The other is to predict the upcoming way an object may take, in a realistic amount – route prediction. The challenge is to achieve feasible results in real time, by using as less as possible or imprecise information. This means the available GPS data have a relatively low sampling rate of ±1 min and an accuracy of around 100 m. So there is only position and time information available. If possible there should be no use of extra information from the network, except topology, neither direction nor speed. Due to the uncertainty of the data, the base concept of fuzzy theory should be used to visualize the insufficiency in the results. In that way the user gets an idea of the degree of reliability of the map matching and the prediction. An algorithm was designed and experimentally implemented with the software FME of Safe Software Inc. Dummy data were collected to proof the functionality of the algorithm.

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