With the increasing integration of society and economy in the European Union, purely regional or national approaches often make no sense, a wider view is required. The EuroGIS module provides a fundamental overview of issues of GI in Europe. Key information on how Europe works and which organisations and institutions are relevant on the EU level is provided. European datasets and projects are analysed, and initiatives such as Galileo and GMES are assessed. Some important policy developments related to GI are explored, and strategies to make geodata available at the European level, such as INSPIRE and SEIS, are addressed. 

Learning Objectives


DI Dr. Markus Eisl
Franz-Josef-Strasse 19, A-5020 Salzburg
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DI Dr. Markus Eisl, born in 1964 in Salzburg, Austria, holds a University degree in Technical Physics of the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. For more than 13 years he has been working in the fields of satellite remote sensing and geoinformatics, contributing to and managing national and international R&D projects in the field of Earth observation data and methods, and heading the department of science and technology of Geospace Austria. Since 2008 he is managing partner of eoVision GmbH, Salzburg, where he is responsible for R&D activities. Main area of research/work: Application of satellite remote sensing and geoinformation.


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Start:3 x per year
Duration:3 months
Credits:6 ECTS
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